Spotlight on Dot: Meet Tammy Keiser and Samaria Fleig

Meet Tammy Keiser and Samaria Fleig, the Costume Designer and Lighting Designer for Dot, the Lawrence Art Center’s dance performance for very young children!

Tammy Keiser: Theatre is what I do and what I am –
Painting, building, make-up, fabric, wood …
Collaboration, chaos, cussing, creativity, it’s all good!

Samaria has moved a lot, she’s lived in six states and fifteen cities. She loves the ocean, sea turtles, and polar bears, but has an irrational fear of jellyfish and hedgehogs. Samaria’s favorite flavor is blue. 


So what is Dot?

In January and February of 2018, the Lawrence Arts Center introduced a brand new Play Lab Series for 2-5 year olds. In these research sessions, we worked with child/caregiver pairs using improvised dance and painting. These sessions were recorded and served as research for our upcoming dance performance for children ages 2-5, Dot. Children were our artistic partners in our process. All of the choreography for Dot will be performed by adults and based on our interactions in the Play Lab Series. We ask the question: what if we danced the way that children draw? Join us and experience dancing, painting on stage, live music, and moments of interaction with audiences.  

What are Tammy and Samaria making?

Tammy is hard at work building costumes for all four energetic dancers and our musician. She is working with a palette of all white, with a few pops of yellow and orange that are revealed during the performance of Dot. Samaria is bringing the world of Dot to life through shifting lights, soft colors, and dramatic surprises that match the dynamics of the choreography and music.

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