Sponsor Spotlight: Tequa Creek

Innovation and creative industry development are important to Robin Bayer, and making Lawrence a place that the most creative and innovative minds want to call home is his passion. Robin knows it is not just good for business – it’s what makes Lawrence survive and thrive as a center for arts and culture.

Through his company, Tequa Creek, Robin is putting ideas into action, building up the Lawrence community through his unparalleled philanthropic support of many wonderful organizations, and we are most thankful for Tequa Creek’s support of the Lawrence Arts Center and our mission over the last four years.

Robin has dedicated his treasure, time, and talent in so many ways at the Lawrence Arts Center – whether he is consulting the staff on how to get the most out of our database or solving our complicated IT conundrums, bringing us new ideas for programs and administrative efficiencies, helping take tickets, serving on our board of directors, attending performances, coming to special events, or sponsoring a special artist exhibition – Robin does it all with a humble smile and dedication to continuously help the Lawrence Arts Center improve. He makes a difference for us every day – and he plays guitar!

We are so thankful to have Tequa Creek as a partner in the success of the Lawrence Arts Center, and we are excited to continue to seek continuous improved changes right alongside with the growth and support of this amazing company.

Tequa Creek was a Signature Sponsor of the 2017 Benefit Art Auction Featured Artist Exhibition.  Get your tickets today for the 2017 Benefit Art Auction! (CLICK HERE)