Screenprinting Structures – NEW CLASS!

Introducing a new class- Screenprinting Structures:

Are you interested in the process of how a screenprint is made? Do you want to experiment with paper sculpture and its techniques?  Our new Screenprinting Structures class is calling your name! This class will explore the use of the multiple with the Serigraphy (screenprinting) process, interlaced with critical thinking on paper as a multi-surfaced form. Students will experiment with templates of tessellations, geometric forms and simple pop-up techniques that can be incorporated in their personal work. Students will leave the class with a basic knowledge of the screenprinting process, paper folding techniques and the application of templates for paper sculpture.

Sounds great, right? Enroll here!


Want to learn more?  Here are some notes on the class from the Instructor, Alicia Kelly:

Paper is a beautiful surface and since studying various printmaking processes in college, I have fallen in love with how a single sheet of paper can be manipulated into a three-dimensional object. From a hand-drawn template to raised patterns on a surface, playfulness is key to working with paper and learning its mannerisms. This Screenprinting Structures class will be a complete exploration of how to design various screenprinted templates to create repetitive pieces of art.

Print, fold, repeat, and build!