School’s Out, But Art Is In!

Last week we held our Dark Magic School’s Out workshop! The young artists created their very own spell books with different kinds of magical paper for each page, wands topped with crystals, and much much more! We think their masks add to the mystique of their dark magic alter egos….

So what’s next?

This week we have our Radical 80s Art School’s Out camp. This two-day camp will be on November 5 and 6 at the Lawrence Arts Center.

All on-site camps are being held with safety protocols in place and a limited number of students in the studios to ensure social distancing.

For this camp, we are DEVO-ted to the 80s! Neon color and bold lines abound in this tribute to a loud decade. Learn about 80s style through music and street art projects, punk rock, and graffiti. Jam out as you journey through the art of Keith Haring, Basquiat, Jeff Koons, and more.