School of Dance Photo Day 2017

April 4-6: School of Dance Photo Day

The School of Dance will host its annual Photo Day, April 4-6 in the dance studios



Photo sessions will last approximately 10-20 minutes, depending on the class. Please note that due to the number of classes being photographed, we cannot hold photos for late comers. Please arrive on time and properly attired if you would like to have your picture taken.

Click here for the 2017 Photo Day schedule and make a note of your call time.


Please refer to the attached Photo Day schedule to determine the type of attire requested for photos.

If your attire is “Class attire”, please arrive with your full class attire, proper hair/makeup, shoes and tights.

If your attire is “Mufaro costume”, the School of Dance is also providing your costume; please arrive with proper hair/makeup, shoes, tights, and any undergarments you wore during the shoe (i.e., nude leotard).


In the event of a touch up, please bring a hair/comb, hair ties & bobby pins.

Ballet students – All ballet students level Kinder-Ballet VII must arrive with their hair in a bun, if possible.

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Preschool Dance I-III, & Tap students – Please arrive with your hair securely tied away from the face.

 Irish students – Please arrive with your hair in a high pony-tail.


In the event of a touch up, please bring makeup basics.

Students aged Preschool-4th Grade are not required to wear makeup. All students aged 5th Grade & Up should come wearing light eye liner, light blush, and light red lipstick. A photo has been attached for your reference.

Dancers from Preschool Dance all the way up to Advanced Ballet and Pointe posed for Ann’s expert lens.  Photos will be available for purchase through Ann Dean’s Website.