School of Dance Guidelines for Limited In-Person Class Participation Beginning on Monday, June 29

We appreciate the patience of our community while the School of Dance carefully considers its approach to in-person classes during the pandemic. After receiving feedback from our dance families, reviewing and applying guidelines set by our local and national health agencies, and considering the recommendations established by Dance/USA, the School of Dance has developed safety protocols for in-person class participation. While our ultimate goal is to return to the Arts Center at full capacity, our immediate concern is maintaining strict guidelines to protect the health of our dancers and instructors. With this in mind, in-person class participation will be limited initially and subject to specific conditions. Protocol for each class will be handled individually, and changes (including moving from physical to virtual instruction) will be communicated via email. To stay up to date with current class guidelines, please check your inbox prior to the start of your class.

For students enrolled in Ballet I-VII, studio capacities will be limited to maintain adequate distancing requirements. To accommodate in-person participation, students in these classes will likely be placed into two groups that will alternate between virtual class and physical attendance in the studio. Additional details will be communicated through email.

As we begin the second half of our summer session and prepare for fall, we are implementing detailed health and safety guidelines that will remain in effect during the pandemic. These policies are specific to the School of Dance within the Arts Center’s Health and Safety Practices.

Beginning on Monday, June 29, students attending in-person classes must observe the following guidelines:

In-Person Class Participation (Limited Capacity)
• Limited Studio Capacity: 10 students and faculty. Students in classes that exceed the studio capacity will be divided into groups that alternate in-person participation, outlined in a schedule provided by the School of Dance.
• Dressing Room Closed
• Dance studio floors will be marked with tape to assist in social distancing.

• Have the option to participate in-person or virtually from home.
• Prior to entering the building, complete a COVID-19 self-screening. If you answer “yes” to any questions, please participate virtually from home.
• While inside the Arts Center, follow Arts Center’s Health and Safety guidelines

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• Wearing a mask is required at all times.
• Students adhere to 6-10 foot social distancing guidelines at all times.

Personal belongings:
• Dance shoes or socks must be worn at all times (bare feet will not be permitted).
• Dance bags and water bottles are kept separate from others’ belongings and placed in a dedicated area inside the Dance Studio.

• Students should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class to reduce congestion in the hallways.
• Students should arrive wearing dance clothes under street clothes. The dressing room is closed.

• Outside Dance Studios on the 2nd Floor.
• Congregating anywhere in the building is prohibited.
• Caretakers of students pre-K thru 5th grade must come into the Arts Center to drop-off their children.
• It’s important that students pre-k thru 1st grade use the restroom prior to class to avoid students having to use the bathroom during class time.

• Outside of Preschool on 1st Floor.
• Caretakers of students pre-K thru 5th grade must come into the Arts Center to pick up children at this designated location. Students 6th grade and up are permitted to leave the building.
• Caretakers are expected to pick up their child promptly upon the dismissal of the class, otherwise it will be considered a late pick up.
• All persons must exit the building through the south doors.

Late Pick-Up
Parents are encouraged to call the front desk at 785-843-2787 to inform staff if they will be delayed picking up their child. This is reassuring to both staff and students.
REPEATED LATE PICK-UP: Upon a second late pick-up, parents will be billed $10 for every ten minutes late, to cover the attending staff time.

Mask Requirements
Students are required to wear masks during class. In case the mask becomes moist from breathing and perspiring, students should bring at least one extra. If dancers are wearing reusable masks, they should be laundered every night.

We are committed to ensuring that dance experiences are not only accessible but also as safe as possible. Because of this, we will remain open to making adjustments as necessary to best serve our dance community as well as others who utilize the Lawrence Arts Center. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic, and I have no doubt that we will come out on the other side stronger because we are together.

Thank you for your involvement in this program. We look forward to dancing with you for the rest of the summer and into the future.

Hanan Misko
School of Dance Director