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The Winter/Spring semester is split into two sessions.

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For students enrolled in Ballet I-VII, studio capacities will be limited to maintain adequate distancing requirements. To accommodate in-person participation, for classes larger than the capacity of the studio, students will enroll in an A/B course rotation that will alternate between virtual class and physical attendance in the studio. See the School of Dance calendar below.

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Prior to entering the building, all persons must complete a COVID-19 self-screening. If your answer to any of the screening questions is “yes”, please participate virtually from home.

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In-Person Participation Protocols during the Pandemic Health & Safety Guideline Phases Yellow and Green
• Students adhere to 6-10 foot social distancing guidelines at all times. Dance studio floors will be marked with tape to assist in social distancing.
• Wearing a mask is required at all times.
• Dance shoes or socks must be worn at all times (bare feet will not be permitted).
• Dance bags and water bottles are kept separate from others’ belongings and placed in a dedicated area inside the Dance Studio.
• Students should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class, wearing dance clothes under street clothes. The dressing room is closed.