Resident Artists’ Spotlight: Amanda Maciuba and Christy Wittmer

Applications for next year’s printmaking and ceramics residency are due April 15th!

We checked in with last year’s residents to see where are they now! This is what they had to say:

Amanda Maciuba – Printmaking Artist in Residence 2015-16:

Since the residency I have been teaching at various schools in the Kansas City Area. I started out at Emporia State University in the fall and in January I moved to Kansas City to teach at the University of Missouri and the Kansas City Art Institute.

My time at the Lawrence Arts Center definitely helped me to professionally network with the academic community which in turn led to the multiple teaching opportunities I have had since. Both teaching classes at the Arts Center, and the many moments the residency gave me to speak professionally about my personal work prepared me for the past year of intensive teaching and assisted me in my goal to become part of the Kansas City art community.

Currently, I am showing work in the area at the Symphony in the Flint Hills Gallery in Cottonwood Falls, here in Lawrence at The Bourgeois Pig, and in this coming fall I will take part of a group show curated by local artist Marguerite Perret at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in St. Joseph, MO. The show is titled “Memory of Water” and will bring together a small group of regional artists creating work about water, specifically, the Missouri River. I was invited to participate after presenting on how bodies of water influence my work at the panel “Wet! The aesthetics of Water Conservation” at the Free State Festival last June.

Amanda’s postcards.


Christy Wittmer – Ceramics Artist in Residence 2015-16:

Since completing the residency at the Lawrence Arts Center I have been living in China as part of a Fulbright grant. I spent three and a half months in Beijing studying Mandarin and exploring the city. Since December I have been living and working in Jingdezhen, China. Jingdezhen is known as the Porcelain Capital because of its 1700 year history of porcelain production. In my studio in Jingdezhen I am working to synthesize the breadth of experiences I’ve been having and to create sculptures that reference art history in an attempt to reconcile this history with a fast-approaching future. With this in mind I have visited Xi’an to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, Suzhou to learn about classical garden design and Shanghai and Taipei, Taiwan to see both contemporary art and historic ceramic vessels.

I received the Fulbright grant with the help of Sarah Bishop, CCO and grant writer at the LAC. Her assistance getting my project proposal into shape for my Fulbright application was invaluable. Also, I’ve recently had a solo show at the Sculpture Center in Cleveland, OH comprised entirely of work that I made while I was at the Lawrence Arts Center. 谢谢 LAC!

Christy at work in her studio in China

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