Put It in Print: This Winter!


According to the Met Museum’s website, “Printmaking is an artistic process based on the principle of transferring images from a template design onto another surface, most often paper or fabric”. In short, the art of printmaking is an opportunity. Choose between surface materials — put patterns on cloth or frame your favorite saying. Carve and transfer the most delicate of details. Design psychedelic patterns. Printmaking also means you can make multiple copies of the same design. With so much versatility, you’re bound to curate your own, personal style. Artwork above by Taro Takizawa.

Letterpress with Tim O’Brien Jan. 9 – March 6, Mondays 7:00PM-9:00PM, $200 ($180)

If you like the written word and making images, this class gives you a chance to combine the two. Learn how to design, set, and print type to create stationery, business cards and broadsheets, or your own project. This class will also introduce linoleum carving and pressure printing techniques. Enroll here.

Screenprinting with Alicia Kelly Jan. 9 – March 6, Mondays 6:00PM-8:00PM, $200 ($180)

Learn the basics of the popular printmaking method, silkscreen. Students will study both drawn stencil methods and photographic stencils that can be used to create multiple layer color editions on paper or fabric. Enroll here.

Intaglio: Cut Copper Plates with Taro Takizawa Jan. 10 – Feb. 28, Tuesdays 5:30PM-7:30PM, $200 ($180)

In this course, participants will learn multiple techniques such as symmetrical printing with Japanese paper and cutting copper plates with a jewelry saw, on top of the basics of copper etching and printing techniques. Enroll here.

Technicolor Prints with Matthew Willie Garcia Jan. 11 – March 1, Wednesdays 5:30PM-7:30PM, $200 ($180)

This class will explore color through various printmaking techniques and develop a wider understanding of color theory, layering and mixing of pigments and inks. Students will gain an understanding of various printing techniques while developing their own understanding of color. Enroll here.