Public Art by Karl Ramberg in our Front Plaza

If you’ve walked past orange cones and gravel on your way inside the building lately and wondered what all the fuss was about, we have the inside scoop for you! Artist Karl Ramberg and assistant Dan Phelps are refreshing the beautiful stone work in our front plaza. These large pieces, sculpted by Karl, and walked on by countless dancers, artists and parents over the years, were inspired by the architectural lines and curves of the building itself. This installation was first created when we opened our doors at 940 New Hampshire St. in 2002 and was made possible by the City of Lawrence’s Percent for Art program which sets aside public art funds for new city construction and major renovations.

So, next time you are heading to a performance, class or exhibition, be sure to look down and appreciate the artistry beneath your feet!

Stone pieces, curved, and straight edged, are set in front of three steel doors