Printmaking Artist in Residence Shares Love of Craft in Fall Class

Dayon Royster loves sharing everything he knows about printmaking. One of two artists in residence this year at the Lawrence Arts Center, Dayon has been teaching printmaking for several years, beginning as a graduate Student at the University of Iowa.

Dayon has said that, “Because printmaking is so process-based, I get a lot of questions that I absolutely love answering. The excitement I get from that has exponentially increased by teaching a larger number of people.”

Although originally interested in nutrition science, Dayon’s passion for printmaking came by way of an elective class he took as an undergraduate at East Carolina University. That class sparked an interest in experimentation with printmaking – especially working with variations of color and texture.

Today, Dayon says printmaking continues to captivate him because of the creative problem solving that is involved with the process; he returns day after day to try his hand at pulling a successful print.

Join Dayon this fall as he teaches Mixed Media Printmaking, a chance for students to explore printmaking in with new media and alternative processes. This virtual class will be an opportunity to make not only new print pieces, but also to salvage prior work that students have completed.


Mixed Media Printmaking

Saturdays 2 – 3:30pm / September 12 – December 5

This class has a non-refundable supply kit fee included of $40. Instructions on how to pick up the kit will be sent out before the class starts. This class may try to meet in person on occasion.