Printmaking Artist In Residence Amanda Maciuba

In March the renovations of the John Taller Printmaking Studio were completed and I got to move into my brand new, fantastic studio! Since moving into the new studio I have been working on ideas and artwork for my show at the Lawrence Arts Center, Impermanent Lines. The show will feature drawings, installation work, artist’s books and possibly some wall drawings. It opens on Friday, May 27th, 5-9 and my INSIGHT artist talk will be on June 8th at 7;30. I am finishing one large drawing inspired by the Baker Wetlands as I type and am also working on some models for my artist’s books. Here are several shots of my studio, my inspiration wall, and works in progress.


I have also been helping to improve our plate etching facilities in the John Talleur Print Studio. This has involved lots of cleaning, organizing, re-labeling, making of test plates and test prints. We are always interested in investigating more non-toxic ways of making prints in our studio and I will be experimenting with applying acrylic aquatint grounds with an airbrush next week.  IMG_2661

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our large Takach press so I can print some large copper intaglio plates before the end of my term as visiting artist-in-residence. The arrival and installation of our Takach press will be the final part of our renovation so stay tuned. It will be installed in time for summer classes so if you want to make some larger prints sign up soon! I will be teaching relief and bookmaking. Feel free to stop in visit if you want a tour of the new space!