Performing Arts this October: New Plays and Downtown Haunts

10,000 & Our New Play Development Series…

Welcome to 10,000, a one-woman new play development that explores complex intersectional identities and what it takes to become resilient. Featuring performer and activist Victoria Taurean Smith, this unimaginable and true story explores Victoria’s journey from a self-identified victim into their own heroine. A story of resilience, this narrative serves as a gift that must be shared with others: boys, girls, and everyone in between.

This production will be pre-recorded. The show will premiere Saturday, October 17th.

To help Victoria complete her journey as a Transwoman, consider donating to her medical fund here.
Those who donate $150 or more will receive a free pass to 10,000, a one-woman play in development.


The Return of Ghosting Lawrence: A Theatrical Tour of Downtown Haunts!

Join yarn-spinning Ric Averill as he walks you through haunted downtown, assisted by spirits dancing, playing, and singing their way through the rich eerie history of Lawrence. Based on authenticated hauntings, Averill spins a tale of a town transported, burned, scarred, Phoenixed, uplifted and yet still beseiged by ghosts from Quantrill’s Raid through the mid-1900s.

We invite folks of all ages to join us for the two weekend run occurring October 21-25 and October 28-November 1. Tickets are limited to 20 people per tour. A minimum number of 5 people per tour is required for the show to perform. Gather outside next to the red dancer in front of the building. Wear your walking shoes and be prepared to walk downtown Lawrence!

Wondering how the tour works and what safety precautions we are taking? Click here to purchase tickets and read our FAQ section.


Story Slam Continues!

Stay safe and stay home, slammers, because this fall the stories are coming to YOU. This month’s Story Slam brings stories of “It Seemed Like a Good Idea” on Friday, October 2nd. A tale perhaps of something that started out well, but went completely off the rails. Or maybe a plan that just didn’t pan out? The storyline is up to you! Get your favorite beverage ready and join us for music, stories and community.

Digital happy hour and music start at 7:15 pm. Slam starts at 7:35 pm.


The Big One-Oh! Cast List is Out!

We may not be back in the rehearsal room or on the stage quite yet, but you can still celebrate the magic of musical theatre with The Big One-Oh! Online Edition. In this new “Zoomsical” Charley Maplewood has never been one for parties – that would require friends, which he doesn’t have. Well, unless you count his monster friends, but they’re only imaginary. But now that he’s turning 10—the big one-oh—he decides to throw a birthday party for himself, complete with a “House of Horrors” theme. Of course, things don’t work out as he plans. Will Charley be able to pull it together before the big one-oh… becomes the big OH-NO!?

Wondering what actors you are going to see at the outdoor film screening in November? Check out our cast list!


Don’t Forget about Enrolling in Classes…

The School of Theatre and Music is offering a wide range of virtual classes this fall for everyone as young as six months old through adult! Check out our brand new Exploratorium (where theatre meets science), brush up on your singing/dancing/acting/music-playing skills, investigate our expanded Tech Series, and revisit our well-loved Play Labs. Check out our catalog to see what adventure awaits you!