Our Own Kind of Performing Arts Winter Storm

Provided the ice predicted for this weekend does not come too soon, tomorrow will wrap up our first week of winter classes with a Saturday morning full of Musical Theatre singing and dance. The sound of kids could be heard all through the building in the evenings this week as students explored with their voices, bodies, and imaginations. A few classes were more timid with many students new to acting. Their focus was intense as they learned new games and jumped into scene work. Other classes gasped in awe as they connected art and science. Some classes were filled with returning students who immediately dove back into their work. Billy Elliot rehearsals started with a read and sing through of the entire show, as well as a history lesson from our dramaturge, Jane Barnette, to bring the cast to 1980s working class Britain. It has been a whirlwind, but this storm is sure to bring an excellent winter of performing arts education.