Youth Visual Arts News for November!

November 2018

Hello My Fellow Radicals,

Yes, you are radical in so many ways, whether through your practice of the arts, as loving parents and caretakers, or as participants in our community. Today I am speaking directly to your involvement in out-of-school education. I truly believe that learning doesn’t stop when the last school bell rings, but, rather, the opportunities for learning are everywhere. The question follows: How do we connect our youth to all of these opportunities, securing a life-long love of learning?

I recently began a year-long fellowship through Furman University that has opened my eyes to the fact that we are a part of a movement, one that hopes to answer the question posed above. This movement hopes to expand opportunities for all children, focusing on equity and access for every child to have a connection to quality afterschool and summer learning. You are a part of this movement, too, because you already believe in the importance of the arts and out-of-school time programming for your young ones.

Now is the time for the next part of the challenge: to mobilize and spread the importance of this message to those who influence policy. Tell your legislators that for every child in an afterschool program, two more are waiting to get in, three in rural areas. Let them know that if we shifted our spending from juvenile detention and home care, our state would see a 35% savings on spending AND have more access to afterschool programs. You can find the state-specific stats to frame your message through Afterschool Alliance. Most importantly, make sure you get to the polls and vote for candidates who support these opportunities for all youth. You truly can make a difference (especially in mid-term elections)!

Neal Barbour

Director of Youth Education


News From November 

What’s Your Condition?

Johanna Winters explores giving human conditions personification with students from Lawrence and Free State High Schools.  In a partnership with USD 497 art instructors Wendy Vertacnik, Angelia Perkins, and Rachel Downs, Johanna has created a printmaking project that challenges students to both work in a new medium and explore very personal concepts.

Johanna Winters, the Decoy, 2015                                                                                              School’s Out  


Do You Have a Pampered Pet or Monster Hunter At Home?

Free days in November means School’s Out camps at the Lawrence Arts Center! Enroll in Monster Hunters or Pampered Pets for a weekday adventure!


Out of School Education is a Movement 

Neal Barbour begins his year-long fellowship through Furman University

                                                        Malka Hampton, Trypanophobia, 2018


Malka Hampton Shows Off

HANG12 curatorial presents the surrealist photographer’s solo exhibition.


A New Year With New Opportunities: Enrollment for Winter/Spring Has Begun

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