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No Bare Walls!


At the Lawrence Arts Center, we’re on a mission to rid the city of bare walls. You can find art for your office, shop, or home at the Lawrence Arts Center by contacting Exhibitions at 785.843.2787 or

Let’s rid Lawrence of bare walls!

#artisforeverywhere#artisforeveryone #nobarewalls





The Edmonds Duncan Registered Investment Advisors office features beautiful art in every room.

“The Arts, both visual and performing, are essential elements of Lawrence’s culture. By purchasing and displaying original art in our office, and by financially supporting organizations like the Lawrence Arts Center, we believe we can help improve the quality of life in our community and directly support the artists who also make their homes here. And of course, the bonus is that we get to enjoy the beautiful work on our walls!” — Jason Edmonds





The Law Office of Margie Wakefield features beautiful work by artists like Clare Doveton and Molly Frances Murphy.

“Art speaks to everyone and tells our human story. When my clients come into my office, they value the art hung throughout for its inspiration. It reflects my attention to detail, sensitivity and personalized care for my clients.” – Margie Wakefield





The office of TCK – The Trust Company of Kansas features stunning work from artists like Louis J. Copt and Lisa Grossman.

“I love having great art in the office because it creates an atmosphere which is both creative and enjoyable for clients and staff.”  – Chris English






The office of Ameriprise Financial Advisor Teresa Mulinazzi Kempf features work by artists like Celia Smith and Dave Van Hee.

“When we underwent an expansion, I realized how much white space was on our walls. As some of my clients are artists, buying their artwork for the office was a great way to both showcase their talents and support their work. I love it because each piece tells a different story and the juxtaposition of them together makes you see them in a new way.”  – Teresa Mulinazzi Kempf