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Updated Friday, October 8th

Hello!  Call times are up for production week!


Vocal Tracks

Iowa Stubborn     All Men     Altos     Female Tenors     Sopranos

Wells Fargo Wagon  All Men     Altos     Female Tenors     Soprano 1    Soprano 2

Ya Got Trouble   Bass     Alto     Lower Alto     Tenors     Soprano 

Rock Island All



Dance Videos

Shapoopi Dance Videos #1, #2, #3, #4:  All 4 Shapoopi Dance Video Links

*please note that there are 4 different Shapoopi Dance videos, some with instruction and some without, please use all 4 to practice

76 Trombones Dance Videos: Basic Step Video

Eulalie’s Ballet

Iowa Stubborn

It’s You

Rock Island






*Please note to expect this schedule to change, check back to this link frequently and please check your email each Friday for updates to this schedule.

The general rehearsal schedule will be Sundays 4-7pm and Mondays through Thursdays from 5:30-8pm.

Production week we ask there be no conflicts.

Final dress rehearsal is Friday, Oct 15th.



Outdoor Performances Saturday, October 16 | 11 am & 5 pm, at South Park

Rain Date Performance Sunday, October 17 | 2 pm, at South Park

Rain Out Indoor Performances Sunday, October 17 | 11 am & 5 pm on the Lawrence Arts Center Mainstage (Limited Seating— Reserved Ticket Holders Only)




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Now that school is starting and everyone is getting a clearer picture of what their schedules are looking like, please take a moment to fill out this quick questionnaire HERE.

It is imperative that we know all of your conflicts so we can have the most efficient rehearsal process.



Music Man Scene/Song Breakdown
Act: Scene Page Numbers Time/Set Location Songs (Characters/Performers) Scene
1:1 1-10 Morning of July 4th, 1912/Train Rock Island (Joe, Abby, Chloe, Russ, Crystal, Suzanne, Nicole, Annika, Chris, Linda, Ernesto) Joe, Abby, Chloe, Russ, Crystal, Suzanne, Nicole, Annika, Chris, Linda, Ernesto
1:2 11-30 Immediatley following/River City, Iowa Iowa Stubborn (All) Ya Got Trouble (All) Piano Lesson (Marian, Mrs. Paroo) Goodnight, My Someone (Marian) All
1:3 31-38 Thirty Minutes Later/The Madison Gymnasium Columbia, The Gem of The Ocean (Eulalie, All) Ya Got Trouble-Reprise (Harold) 76 Trombones (Harold, All) Ice Cream (The Quartet) All except Marian
1:4 39-47 Immediatley following/The Street Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little & Goodnight Ladies (Pickalittle Ladies, Eulalie, The Quartet) Harold, Marian, Pickalittle Ladies, The Quartet
1:5 48-50 Immediatley following/The Library Marian The Librarian (Harold) Marian, Harold, Library Dancers:  Tilly, Giulia, Anders, Abby, Annika, Joe, Chloe, Nicole, Tallulah, Beatrix
1:6 51-60 That Evening/The Paroo’s Front Porch The Wells Fargo Wagon (All, Winthrop) All
2:1 61-66 Evening, The Following Tuesday/Ladies Auxiliary Committee Meeting It’s You (The Quartet) Shapoopi (Marcellus, Chorus) All
2:2 67-69 The Street Lida Rose & Will I Ever Tell You (The Quartet, Marian) The Quartet, Marian
2:3 70-80 Immediatley Following/Porch Area Gary, Indiana (Winthrop, Mrs. Paroo, Marian) Winthrop, Mrs. Paroo, Marian, Charlie Cowell, Harold
2:4 81-85 Fifteen Minutes Later, The Footbridge Till There Was You (Marian, Harold) Harold, Marian, Marcellus
2:5 86-87 Immediatley Following Goodnight, My Someone & 76 Trombones – Double Reprise (Harold) Harold, Marcellus
2:6 88-94 A few minutes later Till There Was You – Reprise (Harold & Marian) All
BOWS 94 All


Please view the SCRIPT HERE & the VOCAL BOOK  HERE