Monotype Magic | Come One, Come All


Whether you are new to print or have been around the block, we welcome you to the magic of monotype with Amanda Maciuba. Amanda is a former LAC printmaking resident and we are ecstatic to have her back for this one-day workshop. Check out her work HERE.

Alright, let’s catch those who don’t know up to speed.

Printmaking, in a traditional sense, is the art of transferring an image from a matrix onto another surface. Imagine a stamp: the bottom of the stamp, which you press into the ink, is the matrix. The image it produces after pressed onto paper, is the print. Matrices are most often produced by carving images into materials like wood, metal, and glass.

However, printmaking doesn’t require a matrix. Monotype is a printmaking process that forgoes a matrix which, in turn, renders one unique product. Some argue that this makes it a simpler method therefore a perfect opportunity to experiment or get acquainted with this artform.  There are a few different ways to produce a monotype print. All of these will be explored in the upcoming workshop:

Monotype Magic w/ Amanda Maciuba

October 27th, Friday 10AM-1PM, $110 ($99)

What we’ll be learning:


Roll out a layer of ink onto a surface like plexiglass. Using a cloth (and some kind of solvent), clear off ink to shape an image that you will eventually press into a piece of paper. For finer details, use a paint brush or pencil to lift away the ink.



Gently lay your piece of paper over a spread of ink and draw your desired image. Anywhere the pencil puts pressure onto the paper is where the paper, underneath, will pick up ink. So, if you rest your arm or hand on the paper, it will pick up ink there as well.



Roll ink over something flat and porous like lace. The ink will meet the paper through all of those tiny openings in the fabric, creating a very delicate texture.



Just because Monotype is defined by sans-matrix doesn’t mean you can’t combine multiple practices! If you have the time, experience, and/or desire, create a matrix or multiple to bring to class. This will give you the opportunity to layer.


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