Meet the Auction Artist: Randy Regier

“Children do not constitute a community cut off from everything else…their toys cannot bear witness to any autonomous separate existence, but rather are a silent signifying dialogue between them and their nation.” – Walter Benjamin, The Cultural History of Toys.

Randy Regier Artist Statement: 
This is not only true for toys (of which much of my work is concerned), but for all manner of objects – artifacts – from our collective past that are formed and fabricated by human hands and intentions. This is the realm in which I work and play, and seek to understand my culture and history.

Randy Regier’s installation NuPenny Home Office, was a popular feature at last summer’s Free State Festival through a partnership with the Spencer Museum of Art and was named a Top Art Pick for Chicago and the Midwest by Newcity Art: Eye Exam. His work can me seen in collections such as the Children’s Museum and Theater of Maine and the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan, KS. Be sure to stop by the galleries and see his new work up for bidding in the 2016 Benefit Art Auction, TYTON Box.