Meet our new instructor: Katie Foster!

Red cloth.
Toy soldier.

Everything in the dark.
At the bottom of
the belly

in the shape of a body beginning
to disappear

“This is the beginning of Major Diamonds Nights & Knives, or at least the version of the poem that revealed itself to me. As hidden inscriptions on the underside of ornate playing cards, verses emerge only upon reader selection. Turning one card at a time you are invited to construct the poem until the deck is exhausted, reshuffled, and written again.” —Katie Foster

The project, a haunting narrative about childbirth and loss, is an interactive venture written by new Lawrence Arts Center faculty member Katie Foster with visual components designed by Krishan Mistry and Gabriel Cohen.

Katie describes her work as “concerned with dreams, houses, ways of reading, ways of seeing, animals, the horizon, etcetera.” The game-like structure of Major Diamonds Nights & Knives reflects the author’s own approach to writing; experimental and play based. Recently, Katie received her MFA at Brown University and has since relocated to Lawrence.

Katie’s poems have been published in print and online, and you can explore your own version of “Diamond Nights & Knives”.


Join Katie this fall in a new course offering at the Lawrence Arts Center, Poetry: Finding Form, where you will delve into creating your own poetry rules and visual structures.


Poetry: Finding Form Katie Foster

Thursdays, September 13- December 6, 5:30 PM-7:30 PM