Meet Our New Arts Institute Instructor Catherine Meihaus

Catherine Meihaus moved to Lawrence in 2008 to study Visual Art Education and Cello Performance at the University of Kansas. She spent five years teaching elementary art for Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. Catherine recently received her Masters in Visual Art Education from the University of Kansas and has been working at South Middle School as the visual art teacher.

I consider myself a teacher first and an artist second. I feel most creative when I am in the classroom and have discovered how similar teaching can be to an artist’s work. The allure of visual art education for me is the diversity of the curriculum. I have not once felt restricted by what I can teach and have never taught the same thing twice in the same way. I have always approached visual art with a sense of play and do the same with my students.

– Catherine Meihaus

This summer, Catherine will offer the following classes for 6th-12th graders:

Organic Artistry, June 25 – 29, 1pm-4pm. Students will use both natural and recycled materials in order to create works of art.

Alternative Canvas, July 9 – 13, 1pm-4pm. Learn about basic acrylic painting technique by adorning surfaces beyond paper and canvas.

Functional Clay,  July 23 – 27, 1pm-4pm. Construct functional objects out of clay slabs and make art you can eat off of!

Don’t miss the chance to learn from this talented art instructor this summer. These offerings are only two of the fifty classes for middle and high schoolers offered this summer – enroll today!