Meet Our Instructor: Nicholas Stahl

above: Package design for CS Luxem

Even if you haven’t met our new instructor in Visual Arts, Nicholas Stahl, there is a good chance that you’ve seen his work around Lawrence.


Local musician, blogger, and graphic designer extrodinaire Nicholas Stahl will join the Lawrence Arts Center Adult Visual Arts program on July 11 for Posters that Sing, a graphic design intensive that will introduce students to typography and visual organization with a focus on the creation of music culture emphemera. Create your own well crafted band or gig poster while exploring digital and printmaking techniques for a band of your own. More of a visual artist than a musician? Use your favorite band (or even an imaginary act?) for inspiration.

In describing his approach to design, Stahl states:

“Humans are creators, each and every one of us. Everything we create has its own story which resides within a larger narrative. Whether that story belongs to a business, an event or any other noun, how it is told is extremely important. As a designer, I provide a vessel for those nouns to engage with the world around them. I am not creating these stories, I am merely the translator, quiet, bold and nearly invisible.”

From personal work available at Wonder Fair to frequent poster work, music based merchandise, and blog contributions to i heart local music, it appears that though he may be “quiet”, Stahl has a habit of keeping himself busy.

Clockwise from top left: Pennants on display at Wonderfair, enamel pin designed for Dean Monkey and the Dropouts, and interior page designs for the Lawrence Songbook in collaboration with Adam Lott.

Looking for more? View more of Nicholas’s work and read up on the Lawrence Songbook Project.

Posters that Sing with Nicholas Stahl:

Meets Thursdays, July 11- August 01


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