Meet Our New Instructor: Fuko Ito!

In order to properly meet Fuko Ito, you must first meet the Fumblys: the plush, pastel, creatures that populate the paper landscapes of her monumental drawings, stretching accordion books, and the soft perimeters of lithographs and woodcut prints.

Fuko joins the instructor team at the Lawrence Arts Center from the University of Kansas, where she completed her MFA in Printmaking and Drawing in 2018. The dream world of her creations, cloudlike and irradiated by swirling cosmos, couldn’t be farther than the landscape of the Midwest; expanses made foreign through surrealist color and imagined form. Touching more on an emotional landscape than a terrestrial reality, Fuko describes the aim of her work as attempting to “playfully explore and illuminate feelings of vulnerability and sensations of discomfort informed by her cross-cultural upbringing through her plushy, sentimental beings.

In addition to her multi-material spanning solo work, Fuko has collaborated with numerous local artists, including fellow Lawrence Arts Center print instructor Eugene Sarmiento, to create sculptural and graphic works in watercolor, pencil, paper, foam, textile, and audio.

We invite you to fall into the floating edges of her world at Fuko Ito

and to glimpse into her studio practice at Into the Fold 

Join Fuko this Fall for Beginning Printmaking: Enrolling Now!

Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:30

9/11/18 – 12/4/18