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This summer, the Lawrence Arts Center is thrilled to be partnering with curators Dr. Rachel Epp Buller and Maria Velasco to bring Making It Work to Lawrence; a show about being an artist and being a parent and exploring and navigating where they intersect. What does it mean to be an artist? What does it mean to be a parent? How can you incorporate one into the other? Six artists from around the country have answered those questions and have created work that incorporates their family life into their artistic practice.

Additionally, we provided programming and community events through Black Lunch Table, a movement and project co-created by one of the Making It Work artists, Jina Valentine, and her creative partner Heather Hart. BLT’s primary aim is the production of digital, web-based information, where people who identify as cultural producers hold discussions touching on a variety of critical issues. BLT organizes the rewriting of contemporary cultural history by engaging in conversations around and among the people living it.

Over the course of the summer, we have had many conversations and community engagements with the Making It Work exhibition. Here are some links to news articles and interviews with the curators. KPR interviewed both Epp Buller and Velasco on their Conversations podcast, hosted by Dan Skinner. Maria Velasco was also featured on KKFI’s ArtSpeak to discuss her involvement with Making It Work and most recently she was interviewed on Renewing the World.

Read the featured Making It Work article in the Lawrence Kansas Times.

Check out the radio interview with María Velasco at local KC radio KKFI for ArtSpeak with host Maria Vasquez-Boyd.

Read Rick Hellman’s article about the show Making it Work: Art and Parenting.

Listen to Maria and Rachel discuss Making It Work on KPR’s Conversations podcast.

This article in the Kansas Reflector by Kansas Poet Laureate, Huscar Medina, is a must-read.

And lastly, listen to Maria on Renewing the World as she discusses the generative possibilities of being an artist, a parent, and an academic. In this episode, Maria Velasco addresses both the challenges and the promises of those intersections in her own life and work while also touching on issues of migration, displacement, parent-child collaboration, and curatorial practice.

Don’t miss out on the remaining programming and community engagements! 

Curators’ Presentation: July 28, 7 pm | Lecture on Dr. Epp Buller’s book Inappropriate Bodies: Art, Design, Maternity and the first local screening of Velasco’s film All of Me: Artists+Mothers

Closing Reception: July 29, 5-9 pm featuring an original poetry reading by Poet TL Sanders from 6:30-7 pm.