LMH Featured Artist: Cathy Ledeker

Several times a year, the Lawrence Arts Center Exhibitions Program coordinates with Lawrence Memorial Hospital to bring the Healing Art Collaborative project to fruition. Artwork by local artists is featured at the LMH Hospital on Arkansas/Maine street and out at the new, West Campus location on a rotating schedule. The Exhibitions Team just recently installed new work at both the Maine location and West Campus location by local artist, Cathy Ledeker.

In 1984, Ledeker founded her own full-time free-lance art business. From 2001 to 2015, she worked fulltime as Art Director and Teaching Artist for Van Go, Inc. Since her retirement in 2015, Cathy Ledeker is a full time artist who primarily works in watercolor. In 2018, she established a seasonal gallery in Creede, Colorado called BONEYARD Studio & Gallery. It opens from mid-June to mid-September.

Cathy’s work is delicate and beautiful. Accurate renderings of bones, animals, and objects are skillfully composed to create soft, yet intriguing images. Many of Cathy’s works are focused on the symbolic connection between nature and human behavior. As quoted from her website, Ledeker says, “The heart of my personal work centers round an irrepressible fascination with the mysteries of human behavior.  Throughout my professional life, I have observed and interpreted these deep currents of human dichotomy using natural and manmade objects as metaphors for paradox in my paintings.”


Ledeker’s piece titled American Basin from her Meditations series


The amount of work Ledeker puts into her paintings is very clear—from the caliber of the work produced to the informative blurbs she provides with each painting. Every piece of artwork is thoughtfully created and pieced together, each carrying its own message. Currently, we have two different bodies of work on display—pieces from her Meditations series are on display at the LMH Maine location. Her series, Sins, Virtue and the Language of Flowers is on display at the LMH West Campus location. Cathy’s artwork will be available for viewing until March of 2022.


Patience, from Sins, Virtue and the Language of Flowers
Wrath, from Sins, Virtue and the Language of Flowers












You can learn more about Cathy and view additional artwork on her website.