Free State Festival Live Performance: The Middle Tell

Free State Festival is quickly approaching, bringing a feast of independent film screenings, psychedelic visual arts exhibitions, a chorus of musical acts, and a taste of tequila. Adding a new dimension to this year’s offerings, Lawrence Arts Center’s 2018-2019 Printmaking Artist in Residence, Johanna Winters, will present The Middle Tell, a narrative work conducted through light and shadow.

My current work is both a dispatch of the anxieties I share with women about the shame, vanity, restraint, disappointment, and pleasure of aging, and a confrontation of the social conditioning that perpetuates the repression of female sexuality, empowerment, and agency.

-Johanna Winters

The live performance, a collaboration with musician Jeff Stolz, uses a combination of classical shadow puppetry and contemporary projectors to tell the story of three “middle women.”  These characters traverse the limbo between youth and old age, ruminating on their own deteriorating condition, confronting their desires, and inevitably diminishing in visibility. Puppeteering assistance from Olivia Hernández, Alicia Kelly, and Anne Luben.


Join Johanna and her performance team for The Middle Tell 

September 21

7:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Lawrence Arts Center