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Welcome to TECH WEEK!!!

Tech Week Schedule

Wednesday         July 21   5-8:30pm : Tech Run w/ all jr techs, Mics, and Orchestra

Thursday              July 22   5-8:30pm: Full Tech w/ Costumes

Friday                   July 23   5-8:30pm: Final Dress

Saturday             July 24  Saturday… Performance Day!

Show @ 10am, Call Time @ 8:30am

***There will be about a 5 hour break, go home & rest up, the sun takes a lot out of you****

Show @ 7pm,  Call Time @ 5:30pm

                              All actors are expected to stay after for 30 minutes of Strike.


We want to make sure you know our rain plan in case we get inclement weather during our performance weekend. If the show must move indoors (Plan C), all students can have 4 audience members total come to the performance day (this is to ensure that there are enough seats for everyone’s families). We will also live stream the performances if this happens.

Please be sure to reserve your spots HERE.

As of now, the forecast is clear for Saturday so we should be able to stick with Plan A!

Plan A (no rain):  Saturday, 7/24, 2 performances, 10am & 7pm at South Park

Plan B (rain on Saturday, but not on Sunday):  Sunday, 7/25, 1 performance, 7pm at South Park

Plan C (rain on Saturday & Sunday):  Saturday, 7/24, 2 performances, 10am & 7pm on the LAC Mainstage


Vocal Tracks


Act I
Prologue (“Little Shop of Horrors”)
Skid Row (Downtown)
Grow for Me
Ya Never Know
Somewhere That’s Green
Closed for Renovation
Mushnik and Son 

Git It

Now (It’s Just the Gas) – Orin and Seymour
Coda (Act I Finale)

Act II

Suddenly, Seymour

       Top Harmony

       Middle Harmony

       Low Harmony



The Meek Shall Inherit
Sominex/Suppertime II
Somewhere That’s Green (reprise)
Finale Ultimo (Don’t Feed the Plants)

      Top Harmony

      Middle Harmony

      Lowest Harmony 


Skid Row Ensemble Vocals

      soprano/alto  (For real)




Dance Videos 

Downtown (Skid Row)

Mushnik & Son 

Sominex Suppertime Reprise

Ya Never Know


Little Shop of Horrors

Now (It’s Just the Gas)     


Git It (pt. 1)     

Git It (pt. 2)     


Da Doo

The Meek Shall Inherit (Pt. 1)   

The Meek Shall Inherit (Pt. 2)  

Suddenly Seymour 

Grow for Me






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Parent Handbook

Lawrence Arts Center’s SYT Covid-19 Policy HERE


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