Lawrence Arts Center exhibition features adoptable cats | UDK


Even the most ardent pet lovers are apt to have a love-hate relationship with cats. On one hand, cats can be incredibly affectionate, cuddly, adorable animals. On the other, however, they are also known for their apathy, stubbornness and inclination for knocking items from high places.

Indeed, cats are quite the living contradictions — and a new exhibit at the Lawrence Arts Center aims to celebrate the idiosyncrasies of these furry friends. Titled “Affectionate Indifference. A Cat-emporary Exhibition,” this collection of art opened on Oct. 26 and will remain on display until Dec. 25, with free admission.

“If you explore, you can find cats throughout art history. From Ancient Egypt through the Renaissance, the cat has been used as a metaphor in a variety of ways. So, in a way, we’re not doing anything new here,” exhibition program director Ben Ahlvers said via email.

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