Kristin Morland and Heather Smith Jones

Ever wonder what artwork artists live with?

This series offers a glimpse into the homes of artists through online conversations about work of art they have in their homes. Tune in and gather some insights into what living with art can do.


Kristin Morland is a visual artist who works primarily with light, that takes form with hand-sewn sequins and beads. For the past 20 years, Kristin has been sewing sequins as her preferred medium. The main impetus for her work is reflecting observations and putting them into form. The process of creating her sequin works is a quiet rhythmic light meditation on the is-ness of life. The subject matter is based upon fleeting moments like driving past a field of wheat or snorkeling in the coral reefs of the Caribbean; joyful emotions and the play of light all join together in the creative process. Observing a moment in the ever-changing light, ​Kristin seeks to communicate our world most fully through the tools of her education, curiosity, and exploration.

“Nova; we always had a place to sit in her heart”, Heather Smith Jones, Oil on panel, 15″ square, 2005

Heather Smith Jones is a mixed media artist practicing in painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking. She was an instructor at the Lawrence Arts Center in the arts-based preschool from 2004-2018 and is author of Water Paper Paint, Exploring Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media. Smith Jones’s original work is represented regionally by Strecker Nelson West Gallery and is part of many private and public collections internationally. She moved to Lawrence in 1998 and earned an MFA from the University of Kansas in 2001. Smith Jones has lived in East Lawrence since 1999 where she resides with her husband, daughter, and three cats.