Kindergarten Exploration Night

In Lawrence, we are so fortunate to have a variety of options for our children entering kindergarten. Early Childhood Educators often answer questions about full day vs. half day kindergarten opportunities, the benefits of an additional year of preschool for late summer birthdays, and aspects of kindergarten readiness. The Kelly Galloway Kindergarten, created around learning through the creative process, eases the transition from preschool to primary school, by offering a half day, arts-based kindergarten. Our program allows parents another choice in our community to help them find a program that best fits their child.

At the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten, children learn in a creative and play-based environment. Unique learning centers are custom designed daily to engage young children and to offer creative hands-on ways of learning standardized academic skills. We are constantly, actively learning and exploring core concepts through a variety of interactive experiences. For example, cooking helps us learn about reading, writing, science, math and making healthy food choices. Gardening teaches science, health, nutrition and lets us use our large motor skills. At the beginning of the year, painting, drawing, and beading offer ways to improve fine motor skills. These skills quickly emerge when transitioning to pencils and writing. Each academic center is designed to meet your child where they are academically. When goals are achieved, new goals are set for each child. Our teacher/student ratio and small group centers allow us to work to meet children’s individual learning needs and styles.


Our students get the opportunity to play, explore, and learn outside each day. We know that using our large motor skills and outdoor free play are important in many aspects of learning. Not only is it important to move our body, free play outside encourages the development of social skills, coordination, cooperation, self-confidence and allows for risk-taking. These are all integral pieces of being a 5 and 6 year old.

Our program offers weekly time for music, theater, creative movement, and cooking.  Additionally, we provide the perfect environment for guest artists to share their expertise. Several field trips are planned each year to enrich our curriculum.

Join us on April 17th, 2018 for a hands-on exploration of our curriculum, meet our teachers, and see how we are achieving our goal of creating the foundation for a lifetime love of learning at the Kelly Galloway Kindergarten. For more information or to reserve a spot in one of our evening sessions (5:30-5:55, 6:00-6:25, or 6:30-6:55) please email Linda Reimond at or call 785.843.2787.