Introducing Kevin Benham and his project “Hand to Mouth”

The Lawrence Arts Center is pleased to have Kevin Benham as a project based resident artist from March 30th-April 14th to create and install his latest project, Hand to Mouth. This project, Hand to Mouth, sheds light on the poverty in Lawrence, Kansas through a conceptual work that makes tangible the quantity of people living in poverty in Lawrence, Kansas.

The project will consist in two parts: the actual production of the work and the installation of the work. The production will occur over a short period of time, when the artist will roll small marble sized pieces of porcelain. The artist will then bite down on each of the 17,000 pieces to imprint his teeth onto each piece. The resulting works will then be fired and installed with the pieces placed as a flat plane at a determined venue in Lawrence, Kansas. The public is invited to participate in this project. Please contact Kyla if you are interested in helping with this project at Stay tuned for the final destination of the installation as it is still to be determined.

Learn more about Kevin here: artist’s bio

and see more of his work here: artist’s website