Artist Books: From Idea to Form – Workshop by Ken Botnick

How does a book reflect a distinct way of thinking about a subject? How does the page become a dynamic landscape of visual and conceptual ideas? What does thinking through a subject in sequential format look like? In this workshop we will explore these questions and a few more. We will take a simple approach to the design of the page as the catalyst for exploration and development of the subject. The first part of the workshop will be devoted to the development of ideas— where does content come from and how do we expand the ideas we have into the book form. The second part will be devoted to realizing visual strategies as exploration of content. We will work together on a simple binding structure, but examine other bindings for inspiration.

Visiting Artist Bio: Ken Botnick is a printer/publisher of limited editions, publication designer, and Professor of Art at Washington University in Saint Louis.  Additionally, he worked at Princeton Architectural Press, Yale Press, taught at Yale School of Design, and is the former Executive Director of Penland School of Crafts. His work can also be found in notable collections across the country including The Library of Congress, The Getty Center for Humanities, The Bodleian Library, The Newberry Library, and the Yale Arts of the Book Collection.

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