Kaw-tography with Kent Smith and Matt Lord

Are you ready for adventure? The Lawrence Art Center is proud to present, Kaw-tograpy, a new class dedicated to creative exploration and the magic/science/mythology of the Kansas River. Join instructors Matthew Lord and Kent Smith as you navigate new ways of thinking, problem solving and storytelling. Explore a variety of media as we discover fresh studio techniques and practices. Participating artists will use environmental, historical and personal experiences to weave interlocking narratives into a collaborative artist’s book that conceptually maps the mighty Kaw! Kaw-tography offers an opportunity to experiment with other artists, new media and will challenge you to think outside your creative norms!

Kaw-tography – Wednesdays from 6-8 pm, 6/7/17 – 8/9/17

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About the Instructors

Matthew Lord and Kent Smith are collaborative multi-disciplinary artists working in illustration, graphic design, sculpture, digital arts, painting, photography, printmaking and sandwich making. Intersecting themes in their respective works include nature imagery, enigmatic phenomena, pop-culture, urban legends, romance and whimsy. They collectively celebrate the concept of community building through art making and relish every opportunity to collaborate on creative projects together and with others.

Check out the instructors work here:

Kent: https://www.smittytown.com/

Matt: https://matthew-lord.com/