Join Tequa Creek to ensure Art Kits are available to everyone!

Since mid-March, Arts Center staff and instructors have tested their creativity beyond measure. Classes have gone virtual and programming looks different, but we’ve stayed connected.

One way we’ve adapted is by making Art Kits available for at-home learning, and enrollments and participation are steady. To continue our mission of making art available to everyone, we have to maintain our robust financial aid fund. And to offer kits at low or no cost, we needed to add this new expense to our array of fundraising goals.

Our friends at Tequa Creek generously stepped up right away to support the project.

Not only did they contribute $2,500 to establish the kits, but they also offered to match the next $2,500 raised toward Kits and Financial Aid!

Your special gift of any amount will help meet their match and ensure there is financial aid funding available for everyone.

A community member who is experiencing homelessness for the first time sent us their thanks. They expressed gratitude for being able to sign up for subsidized art classes at the Arts Center and called it a “precious gift.” Each year, around $140,000 in financial aid is awarded to support arts education for over 800 individuals of all ages.

Unfortunately, many funding sources that support financial aid are in jeopardy due to budget cuts. But your gift today will help ensure the arts remain accessible to everyone.

Please help meet Tequa Creek’s match today!