Bring a Friend to Dance Week!

January 23 thru 28

This is the perfect week to bring a friend to class and share the love of dance with them, for FREE! All minors interested in attending a dance class must have their parent or guardian fill out a Liability Waiver Form and present the completed form to the class instructor.

Download a Liability Waiver Form here or visit the Front Desk for a form. Remember to give your instructor your form at the start of class.

  • Please note: due to full capacity, some classes are not eligible for Dance Week! The following classes are open to dance week:

The following classes are open for Bring a Friend to Dance:

Monday, Sept. 12th classes:

  • Ballet I, 5:15PM
  • Ballet III, 5:00PM
  • Ballet IV, 6:15PM
  • Ballet VI & VII, 6:15PM
  • Contemporary Jazz III, 7:45PM
  • Intro to Ballet, 4:15PM
  • Irish Dance I, 6:00PM
  • Irish Dance II, 7:00PM
  • Preschool Dance II, 3:45PM

Tuesday, Sept. 6th classes:

  • Ballet I (Teens), 4:00PM
  • Ballet V, 5:00PM
  • Ballet VI & VII, 5:00PM
  • Contemporary Youth III, 8:00PM
  • Intermediate Pointe, 6:30PM
  • Jazz I, 4:15PM
  • Modern I, 7:00PM
  • Pre & Beginning Pointe, 6:30PM

Wednesday, Sept. 7th classes:

  • Advanced Pointe/Variations, 7:00PM
  • Ballet IV & V, 4:00PM
  • Ballet VII (on Pointe), 5:30PM
  • Boys Ballet I, 4:45PM
  • Boys Ballet II, 4:45PM
  • Boys Ballet III, 5:30PM
  • Preschool Dance I, 4:00PM
  • Tap II, 7:00PM
  • Tap III, 8:00PM

Thursday, Sept. 8th classes:

  • Ballet II (Teens), 3:45PM
  • Ballet IV, 4:30PM
  • Ballet V, 6:00PM
  • Ballet VI & VII, 6:00PM
  • Hip-Hop (Boys & Girls), 8:00PM
  • Intermediate Pointe, 7:30PM
  • Jazz II, 8:00PM
  • Pilates for Youth/Dancers, 5:00PM
  • Pre & Beginning Pointe, 7:30PM
  • Step Up Your Game! Hip-Hop, 6:30PM

Friday, Sept. 9th classes:

  • Ballet II, 4:30PM
  • Ballet III, 5:30PM
  • Contemporary Youth I, 4:30PM
  • Tap I, 5:30PM

Saturday, Sept. 10th classes:

  • Ballet I, 10:00AM
  • Ballet II,  9:00AM
  • Ballet III, 11:00AM
  • Ballet IV & V, 1:00PM
  • Ballet VI & VII, 12:15PM
  • Intro to Ballet, 12:15PM
  • Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance I,  10:00AM
  • Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance II, 9:00AM
  • Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance III, 11:00AM

Please note: due to full capacity, some classes are not eligible for Dance Week.