Introducing Chinese Classical Dance – Now on Mondays!

Chinese Classical Dance

September 25 – Dec. 1, Mondays, 9:40-10:40am

Cost: $144 ($129.60 Member Price), FA-CDACD1

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The School of Dance is proud to announce a new cultural Dance course offering – Chinese Classical Dance with Wanwan Cai! This class incorporates diverse influences from folk dance, Chinese opera, martial arts and ballet to create a unique art form. Along with learning the basic elements of Chinese Classical dance, students will learn two complete dances and elements of Chinese minority group dances. Check out this video from Wanwan to learn more about this beautiful dance artform.

ABOUT WANWAN CAI –  Wanwan began dancing ballet and Chinese classical dance when she was five. She trained with the local art school for many years and continued with the arts group in college. During college and graduate school she also performed with a Shaoxing opera company in Tianjin. Wanwan also teaches yoga at OmTree Shala, and serves at the director and teacher of the Lawrence Jasmine dance group.