Introducing Carly Kimbrough

Meet our newest jewelry instructor Carly Kimbrough!

Carly uses traditional metalsmithing techniques and tools to create handmade jewelry that will last a lifetime and beyond.  Inspired by art nouveau and art deco, she executes both their classic and romantic elegance with a modern twist. Loving the process from the blank silver sheet to the excitement of adornment she hopes each piece will be loved and handed down to future generations.  As she learned from her grandmother, nothing is more special than the gift of jewelry passed on. Each piece is created with this in mind.

Carly will be teaching “Beginning Metalsmithing” from 5-7pm on Thursdays and “Decorative Process” on Thursdays from 7-9pm.

Carly Kimbrough


Carly Kimbrough received her BFA in Design from the University of Kansas. After graduation Carly took her skills to the production benches of Melissa Joy Manning, Inc. in Berkeley, California. Carly spent six years on the west coast living all over the Bay Area and in Portland, Oregon.  It was during this time in which she developed her own style of design in art and fashion jewelry. Carly currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri and is pursuing a master’s degree in art education, she loves to teach both children and adults. She continues to work in her studio and often makes wedding jewelry for friends.  Carly enjoys and welcomes any custom jewelry jobs.

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Carly Kimbrough- pendant