HANG12 Hiring New Youth Curators

HANG12 is a youth curatorial board the conceives of, produces, and installs monthly Final Friday shows in downtown galleries.  For the last two years they have been working hard to bring relevant and vibrant art shows to the local community, and have successfully hung over 25 shows! This talented group works with both professional and emerging artists to bring high quality work to the public art scene.  Many HANG12 members are getting ready to graduate and move on to the next step in their art careers in many facets including Milwaukee School of Design, Kansas City Art Institute, Harvey Mudd, DePaul, KU School of Design, and others. Congratulations to the graduating members!

With this absence, HANG12 is looking for new members to join the group and help create monthly shows.  The role of HANG12 member comes with $100 a month stipend or voucher for free class and studio time at the Lawrence Arts Center.  HANG12 members work together in a team environment, and while it is not necessary to be an artist, we sure encourage it.  If you are age 14-18 and would like to be a part of the team, apply here.  Applications close this Friday!