Guest Teacher in Modern and Contemporary Classes!

During the month of October, guest dancer Taryn Griggs will be at the Lawrence Arts Center rehearsing with Tori Lawrence +Co. in preparation for a multimedia dance performance, Progress, on November 4-5th on our stage.  She will be teaching the following Modern and Contemporary classes during the week of October 24-28th:
Tuesday:  Modern II 7-8 pm & Contemporary III 8-9 pm
Wednesday:  Contemporary II 6-7 pm
Friday:  Contemporary I 4:30-5:30 pm


We are delighted that she will be sharing her knowledge and experience with our students!  More about Taryn:

Taryn Griggs
is a North Carolina based dancer.  She has been dancing with and for Chris Yon since 2002,  was a member of Ivy Baldwin Dance from 2001-2005, David Neumann’s advancedbeginnergroup from 2005-2009 and worked with Susan Rethorst from 2001-2008.  While being the star pupil and bake sale coordinator at Ur, your neighborhood dance palace, Griggs worked with and for Karinne Keithley Syers, and Sara Smith.  Additional performance credits  include  work with  Irish Modern Dance Theatre,  Hijack, Angharad Davies, Dustin Haug, Justin Jones, Tori Lawrence, Liz Roche, Anna Sperber,  Tamin Totzke  and Johannes Weiland. Griggs received a Sage award for performance in 2009 and was a 2012 McKnight Dancer Fellow. She has a BFA from the University of North Carolina School for the Arts and is a certified Pilates teacher.