Go Ninja Go!

The Lawrence Arts Center has been overrun by ninjas!!!!  They have been trained in Ninjitsu practices and have personally designed nunchuks.  They rake our giant zen garden daily and meditate on the ephemeral beauty of our paper cherry blossom trees.  Their prolific artwork of fish kites, sumi ink scrolls, and shibori scarves hang from the rafters (perhaps even some ninjas are up there too, munching on their Hyorogan power pellets and practicing spycraft).  Each day the building teems with masked Shinobi practicing their craft: to become the wall, to focus with heightened attention, to practice the ancient rituals of Kuji Kiri, a succession of hand signals that induce power.  Beware patrons of the arts, Ninjas are everywhere and nowhere, they are gathering your secrets, they are producing artwork based on ancient practices, and they will soon be on the streets of Lawrence with newfound skills.

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