Free Wearable Workshop Offered by Project Based Resident: Mandy Bernard

Mandy Bernard lives and works in Homer, Alaska. Mandy combines manipulated textiles and hand-tufted fiber sculptures to navigate themes of relation and personal dissonance. The consistent thread in her work is its repetitive and process-heavy nature. Working within textiles from a foundation in printmaking, pattern and duplicity are important aspects of her practice. Her current focus of work revisits personal interactions that are translated through manipulated textiles, hand-tufted fiber sculptures, and surface pattern. The differing textures and mediums in each piece suggest a dissonant exchange, while the final sculpture represents a conversation between two people, a question and an answer, a call and a response.

Project Statement:

For her Project-Based Residency, Mandy Bernard will finalize a long-term wearable art collaboration with Lawrence-based artist Alicia Kelly. She will concurrently collect video and sound material for a new project, The State That I Am In. This work will study the relationship between social identity and sense of reality, and will be carried out over a 6-month period of travel beyond her own studio and community.

FREE Wearable Workshop:

Coming to you December 17, 2022, Saturday 12PM-4PM

Alicia Kelly and Mandy Bernard will give an artist talk focused on their long-distance collaboration between Kansas and Alaska, followed by a workshop focused on designing wearables. Participants will learn basic paper cutting techniques and how to design a wearable headpiece. The workshop will also offer resources for future research on pattern making for designing custom clothes, in addition to creating a custom dress form, while also providing an overview on creating a simple custom vest pattern.

Space is limited. Enroll HERE