Flex Your Claws and Sketch! “Drawing Lawrence: Feathers and Fur” enrolling now

What has beaks, and talons, and scales all over? Lawrence, of course! This summer, instructor Kent Smith is merging feral and fine art in his class Drawing Lawrence: Feathers and Fur. Join Kent for a sketchbook safari, traveling to a new location and drawing new creatures every week! This eight-week class will focus on observational drawing, anatomy, value and texture, gestural mark making, and composition.

From Smith’s labels for Free State Brewing Company, to recent showings at Decade and the Bourgeois Pig, his portfolio is a variable menagerie of animals both real and imagined. Illustrations and paintings of crows, tortoises, yaks, and narwhals exist among yetis, unicorns, jackalopes, and Lovecraftian tentacles. This new offering, in adition to highlighting the artist’s affinity for the feathered and furred, will spotlight local Lawrence wildlife as students draw at locations including Pet World, the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, Lovegarden Records, and more!

Take flight and enroll now! *Enroll before May 19th to recieve a $10.00 discount on tuition!* 

Drawing Lawrence: Feathers and Fur

Meets Fridays

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

June 7 – July 31