Featured Ceramics Symposium Artist: Kevin Snipes

Last week we introduced  Sanam Emami and her work featured in The Image & the Vessel: A Survey of Contemporary Ceramics, as well as her role as an upcoming demonstrator in the Lawrence Arts Center’s 2018 Ceramics Symposium. Today, we’re highlighting the work of Kevin Snipes.

Kevin Snipes, Speed Demons, porcelain, glaze, oxide wash, 2015

Joining us from Pittsburgh, Kevin Snipes creates strikingly graphic work, possessing an “obsessive need to draw on everything he produces.” A self-described nomad, his on-the-move attitude is reflected in a wide range of national and international exhibitions. The distinct shaping of his work may challenge traditional ceramic forms, but does not impede the functionality of the container. Lidded “Box,” selected for The Image & the Vessel, presents sides molded and extended to accommodate aqua conversation bubbles, the flight path of stippled birds, and the animated spin of a dramatic hair-do. The planes of “Squish” and “Swirl” feature perpetually chatty characters afloat in a sea of tic-tac-toe grids, multi-eyed animals, slices of pizza, rainbow drops, tangles of glaze, and a dozen other fragmented icons that build Snipes’ specific language.

We invite you to investigate Snipes’ narrative surfaces in The Image & the Vessel: A Survey of Contemporary Ceramics, on display now through October 2Oth, and to register for the 2018 Ceramics Symposium, October 12th & 13th, for artist-led demonstrations.