Featured Ceramic Symposium Artist: Sanam Emami

The Image & the Vessel-a Survey of Contemporary Pottery Opens today, bringing to our gallery a phenomenal array of ceramicists and a seductive selection of surfaces. Curated to highlight innovations in craft, the display coincides with the upcoming Ceramics Symposium, a biennial two-day celebration of top nationally recognized contemporary ceramicists, diverse technical demonstration, and conceptual dialogue.

Today we’re spotlighting the work of Sanam Emami, a contributing artist to The Image & the Vessel…, as well as a featured Ceramics Symposium demonstrating artist. Framing her work as incomplete without fulfilling an intended function, vases are constructed to be compositionally completed with flowers and tiles to form the backdrop for life. Fittingly, Emami’s surfaces pull inspiration from the familiar: snippets of conversation, the lines of domestic objects, historical ceramics, or a loved book. Formally, the layering of simple patterns accentuates the atmospheric depth of variable glazes and surface oxidation.

 View 2018’s Cylindrical Vase and Serving Bowl as part of the exhibition, and join her by enrolling in the 2018 Ceramics Symposium, October 12-13 for expanded insight into her studio and technique.