Featured Artist of the Week: Patsy Cox 


Patsy Cox’s work can be seen in the Clay and Glass Museum in Ontario, Canada; the Seattle Design Center; the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art and Taiwan Ceramics in Biennale, Taipei. Her work has been featured in catalogs, books and periodicals including Ceramics: Art and Perception and Ceramics Monthly. Some of Cox’s work is now on display in the Lawrence Arts Center’s group show, Naturally.



Artist Statement:

I think obsessively, I work incessantly, I move constantly. Diversity, assimilation, growth and movement within the context of a particular place have become the focus of my installation-based sculptures. They are representations of the urban landscape, the mixtures of culture, race, identity, and a comment on how these factors appear in a particular space as defined by its confines and surroundings.