Featured Artist: Margot Lockwood

Hang 12 Lawrence, our youth curatorial board that puts on monthly shows for Final Friday, has an exhibition now on display in the Arts Center front gallery entitled “Intricate Ubiquity.” This beautiful collection features the work of Hang12 artist Margot Lockwood in collaboration with Finn Dobbs. Get to know Margot in this Q&A and then be sure to check out her work at the Arts Center.


Is there a theme connecting the work in your show?

Margot: The body of work consists of chemigram images and photomicrographs. The patterns created from both techniques, and seen in the world at large, consistently repeat. This repetition shows the fundamental connectivity between all things. Both of the techniques also relate through the influence of science in their creation. Thematically, the work hopes to force the viewer to realize the subtle, but predominate, intricacy between all things.

What inspires you to capture these images?

Margot: In general, I enjoy taking photographs because it pushes me to be aware of the intricacy and subtle beauty in my surroundings. Usually, I am drawn to finding and abstracting compositions found in ordinary locations or common found subjects. Transitioning from this type of photography to taking photos using a microscope happened very naturally. The feeling and idea of both is similar. I am just finding compositions I find captivating within the world. I am eager to continue taking photos with a microscope as I learn to recognize more patterns among samples and the macroscopic world, am curious what other things look like  and experiment with more techniques. The chemigram images were created feeding off my enjoyment of being in the darkroom, love of abstract compositions, and interest in the messing around with wet chemicals, light and substances used in daily life (like mustard). Learning from the process and the images what is the most inspiring.

Can you talk about the title, Intricate Ubiquity?

Margot: ‘Intricate, by dictionary definition, means very complicated or detailed, and ubiquity is the state of being everywhere all the time. The essence of the title phrase Intricate Ubiquity, with intricate describing ubiquity, is that everything around us is full of little details that carefully and precisely fit together creating existence. My photographic work and background interest in particle physics both make this a predominate thought of mine.

What is your collaboration like with Finn? 

Margot: Finn and I are both separately interested in photography and science. We starting working together when he told me that if I ever had another I wanted to look at under a microscope that he had a microscope. The microscope already had a low-resolution camera attachment, which we later replaced for more megapixels, that organically gave us the idea to take photographs with using the scope due to our photographic background. Now we both collect samples, brainstorm ideas and learn photographic techniques together. While we are working we both prepare slides and take turns looking at the sample. We work together well as we both have different strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other.

margot 2


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