Featured Artist: Claire Hentschker

Claire Hentschker is a Pittsburgh based artist working with Augmented and Virtual Reality platforms. Her work has been shown at venues including the Carnegie Museum of Art, The Drift’s H30//002 event and the Glasgow School of Art’s Creativity and Cognition Conference. Her new work, Shining360, is now on display in the front gallery through July 23.


 Shining360 is a 30­ minute experimental audio­visual work that uses contemporary methods of three­ dimensional capture to revisit the spaces within Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘The Shining.’ Employing a process called ‘photogrammetry,’ the entirety of the film is broken down into still frames, and three dimensional models are extracted from individual scenes by computing depth from the series of images. The resulting 3D fragments of spaces are explored in 360 degrees along the film’s original camera path. The audio is the result of stretching and manipulating sections the film’s original score.