Excitement Builds for Fall Early Education

Miss Linda and her incredible staff have been busy bees getting the classrooms ready to welcome arts based preschoolers and kindergarteners to their fall classes in early September.

As Early Education Director, Linda Reimond says her favorite moments come from talking to the early learners and seeing the world through their eyes. Her face beams as she gets ready to hang a sign on the preschool entrance that sums up her love of her job: “Sometimes you need to talk to a three year-old just so you can understand life again.”

For those wanting a taste of the arts based early education experience, it’s not too late to jump on board… join us for Integrated Arts on Fridays from 1-3pm starting September 15th. Click here to enroll. 

From the entire staff of the Lawrence Arts Center, we can’t wait to see the little artists in action in just a few weeks – happy fall!