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Bid online and in the galleries through midnight on Friday, April 12! Silent auction artwork can be purchased at 200% of the retail value.


Established by artists in 1981 as a way to fund a not-for-profit gallery, the Lawrence Arts Center Annual Benefit Art Auction provides funding for the exhibitions program now occupying five spaces in the Arts Center and enriched by Art Talks, films, and more. Approximately 150 pieces generously donated by artists will be on exhibit for four weeks. Bidding on auction works is an opportunity to support exhibitions at the Lawrence Arts Center – all proceeds from sales go toward continuing to support the program.


Ben Ahlvers

Nazanin Amiri Meers

Susan Ashline

Neal Barbour

Tom Bartel

Simon Bates

Michael Benedetti

Ken Bini

Vernon Brejcha

Bill Bowerman

Alan Brummell

Eliza Bullock

Matthew Burke

Grace Carmody

Paul Chaussee

Deb Chaussee

Allen Chen

Ellen Chindamo

Andrew Cho

Nichole Collins

Jessica Conner

Louis Copt

Dan Dakotas

Janet Davidson-Hues

Jennifer Davis

Ann Dean

Geoff Deman

Nate Ditzler

Jennifer Doores

Clare Doveton

Rachel Downs

Alycia Earhart

Sanam Emami

Chris Wolf Edmonds

Jason Edmonds

Constance Ehrlich

Barry Fitzgerald

Jane Flanders

Betsy Forcade

Tim Forcade

Joelle Ford

Ann Frame Hertzog

Tommy Frank

Herb Friedson

Vanessa German

Susan Grace

Jesse Gray

Colleen Gregoire

Ken Grizzell

Lisa Grossman

Diane Guthrie

Richard Gwin

Sarah Hearn



Olivia Hernandez

Blanca Herrada

Steven Hertzog

David Hiltner

Diane Horning

Brian Horsch

Kate Horvat

John Hulsey

Hannah Hurst

Fuko Ito

Marla Jackson

Erok Johanssen

Stephen Johnson

Ted Johnson

Lora Jost

Alicia Kelly

Brett Kern

Carly Kimbrough

Lauren Kinney

Michael Krueger

Margie Kuhn

Leslie Kuluva

Lawrence Arts Center


Grandma Layton

Judith Levy

Robbin Loomas

Anne Luben

Liza MacKinnon

Bailey Marable

Justin Marable

Anita Markley

Emily Markoulatos

Helen Martin

Theresa Martin

Maria Martin

Sylvie Mary

Marshall Maude

Michael Mccaffery

Melissa McCormick

Edward McKenna

Adam Meistrell

Travis Millard

Gerry Miller

Rick Mitchell

Tara Moorman

Kristin Morland

Jeromy Morris

Molly Murphy

Jason Needham

Ed Noonen

Russ Nordman

Laura Nugent

Timothy OBrien

Martin Olson

Alex Olson

Nick Perry

Angela Pickman

Wayne Propst

Rachel Rademacher

Mark Raymer

Catherine Richards

Jeremy Rockwell

Maggy Rozycki Hiltner

Leni Salkind

Nick Schmiedeler

John Sebelius

Roger Shimomura

Carly Slade

Barbara Solberg

Richard Stein

Kyla Strid

Rachael Sudlow

Pam Sullivan

John Talluer

Tonja Torgerson

Mary Tuven

Jen Unekis

David Van Hee

Marciana Vequist

Shanna Wagner

Jeff Weinberg


Weisbrod Morris

Johanna Winters

Baron Wolman

Shiyuan Xu

Hong Chun Zhang

Tickets $55 

Fine art & fun times to support a good cause!

Society members enjoy two complimentary tickets to the live auction event! Reservations required. Become a member at the Imagination Society, Inspiration Society, or Creative Placemaker level and join us!

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March 8 @ 9:00 am
April 12 @ 9:00 pm
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