Empowering Middle School Students Through Art

Did you know a person’s brain develops as much in adolescence as it does in the first three years of life? Immense change and restructuring is happening within a teenager’s brain, basically all the knowledge and skills gained through childhood will get “pruned” on the way to adulthood.  It’s in this way that identity is formed and skills are cemented. In other words, adolescence can be difficult for many, but is so important to all.  Alleviate some stress and find positive ways to communicate through the arts.

Many of our middle and high school classes focus on exploring a medium to communicate in new ways.  We encourage all our young artists to find their voice and express it through the arts.  Whether it is a Beginning Painting class that explores many different mediums or finding an issue that is important to you to share through Documentary Filmmaking, our instructors will help you with the skills of the medium.  Screenprint T-Shirts, design jewelry in Metal Design or clothing in Fashion Design, or maybe explore how to Throw on the Wheel.  Whatever you desire to do, we have a very talented, young staff that helps students gain skills in their medium while expressing whatever is important to them.